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Welcome to our Randomizers web site.

We have posted on our site two of the best Randomizers we have found so far and we will be adding more in the future. This is the newest, hottest and biggest opportunity on the web. We reccomend you get involved in both (the more the better) but you can start with either one.
#1 DollarBuddy: Buy a share for only $1 and get unlimited $1 deposits into your (FREE) PayPal account forever. 
Unique system, true randomizer. Bookmark our site, get your FREE PayPal account (link below), come back and click on the DollarBuddy link and you are on your way. It is just to easy.
#2 DollarsBlaster: $8,100 in your PayPal or they Continue to Advertise.

This new company will help blast your ad until you have 30 people under you. You will earn $8,100 Guaranteed with this new program or they Continue to Advertise. Follow our link at the bottom of the page to experience the biggest blast in your PayPal account. Don't forget to register your FREE PayPal account (link below).

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